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In April 2007 the Foundation initiated another series of awards – Inlaks Awards for Film and Television Studies – in India. The award provided financial assistance to talented students at the Film and Television Institute at Pune, in three major disciplines: Scriptwriting, Acting and Television.

About the Award:

The Awards evolved over the years and the committee announced one annual award for each of the following categories (of Rs.1,00,000/-each).

1. One year Post Graduate Certificate courses in Television.

  • Direction
  • Electronic Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Sound Recording & TV Engineering

2. One year Post Graduate Certificate course in Screenplay Writing

3. Two year Post Graduate Diploma course in Acting

4. The awardees were selected through a two-tier selection process.


The applications were shortlisted by the Foundation and the shortlisted candidates were invited for an interview. The Director of the Institute, staff members of the Institute and a representative of the Foundation constituted the committee.




  • Animesh Vishal – TV
  • Bhanu Pratap –  Acting
  • Nidhi Yadav – Screenplay Writing



  • Samridhi Dutta – Acting
  • Utthana Bharighat –  Screenplay Writing
  • Fareeda A M – TV



  • Bhupendra Chouhan – Acting
  • Sreeraj R.S- Screenplay Writing
  • K. Swamy Rajan- TV



  • Rahat Jain- Screenplay Writing
  • Sam Mohan A.M- Acting
  • Gaurav Kumar Singh- TV



  • Himanshu Shekhar- Acting
  • Gaurav Patki- Screenplay Writing
  • Manind Bedi- TV
  • Krishna Lohani- TV



  • Amol A. Deshmukh- Acting
  • Dharmkirti Sumant- Screenplay Writing
  • Krishnarjun Bhattacharjee- TV Direction



  • Tarun Wadhwa- Acting
  • Santosh Kumar Minawarapu- Screenplay Writing
  • Faisal Mohammed- TV



  • Mujawar Niyaz Iqbal Ahmed- Screenplay Writing
  • Manish Gandhi- Acting
  • Faizal Ahamed- TV



  • Parakh Chouhan- Screenplay Writing
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla- Acting
  • Mahesh Kumar Manjhi- TV



  • Pitabhash Tripathy- acting
  • Jagdish Parmar for Script- writing