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Name: Kaushik Narayanan
Topic of Internship: Biogeography of Old-World Bats

Name: Yashendu Joshi
Topic of Internship: Beyond Fear and Conflict: Examining Cultural Transmission in Human–Crocodile Relationships in Belize

Name: Arjun Kamdar
Project: Creating NOSTRIL-applying behavioural insights to drive environmental impacts, Assam

Name: Garima Bora
Project: ElasmoSearch: Investigating elasmobranch nursery habitats for conservation and management, Malvan, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

Name: Ishika Ramakrishna
Project: Primate lifeworlds: Intricacies of human–non human primate relationships in North East India, Assam

Name: Nayantara Siruguri
Project: A Case for Place-based Education: Empowering indigenous community leaders to establish a culturally inspirednature education program in North-East India

Name: Shraddha Kumari
Project: Conservation of a Critically Endangered Bat, Kolar Leaf-nosed Bat (Hipposideros hypophyllus) through a molecular ecological approach from only known Site, Karnataka



Name: Suhaib Yatoo
Subject and Degree: MSc in Biodiversity and Evolution
University: Imperial College London

Name: Dhanush C S
Topic of Internship: Elephant Research Project at Colorado State University.

Name: Shreya Ray
Topic of Internship: Study Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) and approaches to use LEK to monitor Wildlife populations in human dominated landscapes at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit in Oxford University.

Name: Akashdeep Roy
Project: Understanding the Construction of Human-Wildlife conflict through a political ecology framework in the North Bengal region – India.

Name: Divyanshu Pawar
Project: Mapping and assessing of Eco hydrology and evaluating eco system services and threats of the Tri-State Myristica Swamps in India.

Name: Prashant Mahajan
Project: Ecology and Conservation of mesocarnivores in Gir protected area, Gujarat, India


Name: Sharad Bayyana
Topic of Internship: Coral husbandry and breeding at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, Forest Hills, London, United Kingdom.

Name: Rohit Negi
Topic of Internship: Behavioural experimentation and phylogenetic analysis in captive and free ranging non-human primates.

Name: Virendra Mathur
Project: Testing adaptive crop-deterrent methods to mitigate langur crop-foraging and understanding the spatio-temporal distribution of crop-foraging in a human modified landscape in Garhwal Himalayas

Name: Camellia Biswas
Project: Mapping dynamics of Human-Nature interaction of Indian Sundarbans in the Context of Cyclonic disaster: A community landscape management approach

Name: Rhea Maria Lopez
Project: Ecological and sociological factors affecting the persistence of biodiversity in Khazan fisheries, and promotion of biodiversity-friendly fisheries


Name: Viral Joshi
Topic of Internship: Collaborating with the Center for Conservation Bioacoustics staff under the direction of Holger Klinck, Director of the Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell. USA.

Name: Saket Shrotri
Project: Understanding the diversity and role of indigenous bee species in
the reproductive success of wild flora and agricultural crops.

Name: Sayan Banerjee
Project: Understanding Elephants human interaction patterns in a human –
wildlife conflict landscape in north-eastern India.

Name: Tanmay Wagh
Project: Harnessing small-scale fisheries and participatory monitoring
towards conserving coral reefs in the Andaman Islands.



Name: Amartya Mitra
Subject and Degree: MRes Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation
University: University College London.

Name: Preeti Sharma
Topic of Internship: Field and experimental work examining the reproductive and immune responses of frogs to chytridiomycosis at the Melbourne Veterinary School at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Name: Adreeja Chatterjee
Project: A preliminary evaluation of guitarfish fisheries and habitat preference of juvenile sharpnose guitarfish (Glucostegus granulatus) from the Andaman Islands.

Name: Anvita Dulluri
Project: Rethinking climate adaptation through the lens of resilience: A case for mainstreaming biodiversity into climate change adaptation.

Name: Krishna Pavan Kumar
Project: Plantations as thermally suitable habitats (TSH) for frogs: Impact of land use change on body temperature and microhabitat selection

Name: Needhi K Thangasamy
Subject and Degree: MSc Biodiversity and Conservation
University: University of Leeds

Name: Ram Mohan
Topic of Internship: Investigating the sensory ecology of roost finding in Neotropical bats

Name: Zoya Irshad Tyabji
Topic of Internship: Elasmobranch research, education and outreach with NGO- South African Shark Conservancy

Name: Aabid Hussain Mir
Project: Habitat, Characterization, population, structure, regeneration, and conservation implications of Pyrenaria Cherrapunjeanamir: A recently discovered critically endangered endemic species of India

Name: Parveen Sheikh
Project: Understanding the factors influencing the nesting success of Indian Skimmer and efficacy of community inclusive conservation intervention in National Chambal Sanctuary

Name: Suneha Jagannathan
Project: Ecological monitoring of artificial reef eco systems in Pondicherry

Name: Sahila Kudalkar
Project: Understanding the role of village, state and non-governmental institutions in the evolution of community based natural resource management systems in North Eastern India

Name: Sayantan Das
Project: Mitigation of conflict between Nicobar long-tailed monkeys and humans-dogs through ecological cognitive research, and community engagement

Name: Dhee
Subject and Degree:
MSc in Conversation Biology
University of Kent

Name: Udita Bansal
Subject and Degree:
MSC Ecology, Evolution & Conservation
Imperial College of London

Name: Isha Bopardikar
Topic of Internship:
The use of autonomous acoustic recorders and analysis techniques to access biodiversity in Marine and terrestrial ecosystems.
University: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, NY

Name: Munib Khanyari
Topic of Internship:
Snow Leopard in Kyrgyzstan
Snow Leopard Foundation – Kyrgyzstan

Small Projects Grants
Name: Ishaan Khot
Project: Empowering local fishing communities in the Lakshadweep Island by strengthening community – based fisheries monitoring mechanisms via phone technology.

Name: Kadambari Deshpande
Project: Evaluating bat-generated ecosystems services to agro forestry systems of India’s Western Ghats.

Name: Nupur Kale
Project: Monitoring Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) and their habitat towards mitigation of fisher – turtle conflict in the Lakshadweep Islands.

Name: Rohan Krish Menzies
Project: Conservation Conservations : Understanding the attitude of various stakeholders involved in the protection of the critically endangered white – belied heron and endangered white winged duck.

Name: Sachin Vaishampayan
Project: Human – Saltwater crocodile interactions in the Andaman Island: Socio – ecological perspective and risk assessment.

Name: Sethu Parvathy
Project: Conserving the endangered purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) by building a positive relation with indigenous communities in Western Ghats, India.

Name: Savita Vijaykumar
Subject and Degree: M.Phil in Conservation Leadership
University: Cambridge University

Name: Rohit Chakravarty
Topic of Internship: Movement Ecology of Bats with special reference to elevational gradients
University: Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

Small Project Grants
Name: Ananya Rao
Project: Community use and governance of coastal lands commons in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka

Name: Ashwini V Mohan
Project: Genetic diversity of the infraorder Gekkota on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands: identifying islands and species of conservation importance

Name: Brawin Kumar
Project: Prickly spines and villagers: Understand the distribution, ecology and initiate conservation outreach for least studied, endemic Paraechinus nudiventris (Bare bellied hedgehog) in rural landscapes of South Tamil Nadu.

Name: Mahi A Mankeshwar
Project: Understanding cetacean habitat in the Andaman Sea

Name: Asiem Sanyal
Subject and Degree: MSc Ecology, Evolution & Conservation
University: Imperial College London

Name: Ankita Sinha
Topic of Internship: Understanding of river systems with particular attention to river birds.
University: Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Small Project Grants
Name: Nandini Velho
Project: The Eaglenest Memory Project: building on the existing nature-based tourism setup.

Name: Nitya Prasad Mohanty
Project: Introduction Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigernus) in the Andaman Islands : determiants and mitigation of a recent invasion.

Name: Abhishek Jamalabad
Project: Fisheries and Costal Cetaccean Interactions near Karwar, India and Community-Invested Solutions to Mitigate Impacts and Potential Conflict.

Name: Jessical Luis
Project: Understanding fisherman-otter conflicts in mangrove habitats in Goa through smooth-coated otter diet studies and stakeholder participation.

Name: Mahi Puri
Project: Examining large carnivore occurrence, conflict and socio-cultural tolerance in the central Indian landscape.

Name: Aditi Pinto
Topic of Internship: The role of Women in the Conservation of the Seed and Biodiversity
University: FEMUCARINAP, Lima, Peru

Small Project Grants
Name: Aditya Narayan Prasad
Project: Citizens Alliance for Protection of the Environment (CAPE)

Name: Arun Kanagavel
Project: Cardamom plantations in the Western Ghats: Are these killing fields for amphibians justified?

Name: Prerna Agarwal
Project: Capacity building and outreach to develop community managed ecotourism for conservation of Kas plateau, Satara, Maharashtra

Name: Shashank Dalvi
Project: Saving a marathon migrant (Amur Falcons)

Name: Sahil Nijhawan
Project: Can culture save the tiger? Understanding the role of cultural norms and local context in tiger conservation in an indigenous community in Arunachal Pradesh

Name: Ruth Althea Pinto
Subject and Degree: M.S., Environmental Sciences, Policy Management
University: Central European University

Small Project Grants
Name: Arpitha Kodiveri
Project: Voices’ – Participatory videos on environmental law and policy

Name: Alolika Sinha
Project: The Forgotten Species: Fostering hog deer conservation in Manas Tiger Reserve, Assam, India

Name: Bhanu Sridharan
Project: Understanding local community dependence on mangrove forests damaged by the tsunami in South Andaman Island

Name: Dailu Pilot Dovih
Project: Biodiversity and Bat harvest: Regulating hunting of bats around Mt. Saramati and increasing the fold of CCA in Nagaland

Name: Ovee Thorat
Project: Transformation within the Coupled Human-grassland system of Banni, Gujarat: Mobility Reinvented

Name: Sahir Advani
Project: Reef to plate: Understanding extraction rates and co modification of groupers in the Andaman Islands towards conservation monitoring and action

Name: Swapnil Appa Chaudhari
Subject and Degree: M.Phil. in Conservation Leadership
University: University of Cambridge

Name: Anant Pande
Topic of Internship: To learn current techniques used in marine mammal research
Institution: Longue Pointe de Mingan, Quebec, Canada

Name: Sabuj Bhattacharyya
Topic of Internship: Protect on developing a research database synthesis for conservation & environmental management of alpine ecosystem with a major focus on plants & animals who are highly susceptible to climate change
Institution: Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation, Bangor University, UK

Small Project Grants
Name: Anusree A S
Project: Late quaternary evolution of semi arid vegetation in southern peninsular India

Name: Shreya Dasgupta
Project: Tracks of Death: Identifying & risk mapping of the conflict between large mammal populations & railway tracks in Northern west Bengal

Name: Vardhan Patankar
Project: Assessing the “illegal” in illegal marine trade in the Andaman Archipelago

Name: Vidyadhar Atkore
Project: Drivers of fish assemblages across multiple spatial scale in the two river basins of the Central Western Ghats, India

Name: Sumin George Thomas
Subject and Degree: M.Phil. in Conservation Leadership
University: University of Cambridge

Name: Nidhi Rajput
Topic of Internship: Veterinary Externship
Institution: The Wildlife Centre of Virginia, USA

Name: Radhika Timbadia
Topic of Internship: Community Based Conservation
Institution: National Museums of Kenya

Small Project Grants
Name: Elrika D’souza
Project: Studying spatio-temporal changes in dugong occurrences through a stakeholder network in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago

Name: Nachiket Kelkar
Project: Identifying ecological and socio-economic drivers of conflict between aquatic wildlife and fisheries in river systems

Name: Sutirtha Dutta
Project: Prioritizing conservation areas for the Critically Endangered Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps) from distribution, habitat use and extinction probabilities across India.

Name: Venu Kapoor
Subject and Degree: M.Phil. in Conservation Leadership
University: University of Cambridge

Name: Pranav Pandit
Topic of Internship: Internship Program in Avian Medicine and Surgery
Institution: Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Name: Ranjini Murali
Topic of Internship: Conservation Initiative
Institution: University of East Anglia : Re-Direct, Rawanda, Africa

Small Project Grants
Name: Karthik Teegalapalli
Project: Forest weeds and farms: Recovery following shifting cultivation in the Indian Eastern Himalaya

Name: Girish Jathar
Project: Reassessment of the status of forest owlet in its known distribution and evaluation of Conservation issues

Name: Divya Karnad
Project: Comparing extinction risks and shifting base lines of marines species in the fishing economies of Karnataka and Tamilnadu (Historical)