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The Foundation invites applications for the selection of Inlaks Research Studentship at the King’s India Institute, King’s College, London in 2019.

The deadline for receiving applications for the grants is October 8th, 2018.

This grant started in 2016, is similar to the Inlaks Research and Travel Grant, and will enable scholars to undertake a short term visit to the King’s India Institute to collect material, use facilities and consult experts towards their research for their PhDs. The ‘Inlaks Research Studentship at the King’s India Institute’ is geared to assist registered PhD students of Indian universities to undertake short-term visits to universities abroad to collect material, use facilities and consult experts.


The ‘Inlaks Research Studentship at the King’s India Institute’ offers financial support for a maximum of 3 months at King’s College London. The Studentship will cover:

  • Reasonable air fare (booked by Inlaks on the student’s behalf)
  • Maintenance expenses at a modest rate (up to USD 1750/- per month)
  • Funds for buying materials and books, and making copies of relevant literature (up to USD 1000/-)



All applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

(i) hold confirmed PhD registration for at least two years but for not more than four years
(ii) have a first class degree at either Bachelor’s (Honours) or Master’s level, preferably both.
(iii) be under 35 years of age on 31 December in the year of applying.
(iv) be an Indian citizen, currently resident in India.



Humanities and Social Sciences



(i) Fully filled form for ‘Inlaks Research Studentship at the King’s India Institute’.

(ii) Updated CV/ Resume limited to two pages only: PDF

(iii) Sample of written work on the subject of the applicant’s research. This should preferably be a draft (with full annotation and documentation) of a chapter of the PhD thesis along with details regarding the reading list, surveys, or any other work done towards the thesis. (3000-5000 words)

(iv) A written and signed statement from the applicant’s current supervisor stating:

  • The candidate’s ability, focus and progress in the work done under her/his supervision
  • The candidate’s need to go abroad
  • That the funds for the visit cannot be obtained from any other source

Note: Additional recommendations (i.e. other than from the supervisor) should not be submitted.

(v) Applicants are not required to identify a supervisor at King’s College London. The successful candidate will be assigned a supervisor by King’s Institute in consultation with the candidate.

(vi) The completed forms and other documents must be sent by email to the address ‘’, with the title “Application for Inlaks Research Studentship” and to Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation by email to the address “’, with the title “Applications for Inlaks Research Studentship”.

Note: the supervisor may prefer to submit their statement separately. In this case, they should send their statement directly to ‘’, with the email title “Recommendation for Inlaks Research Studentship: [applicant’s name]”.


October 8th, 2018: Midnight, UK time


  • The visit should commence between January – May 2019.
  • Any material collected by the selected candidates (books, copies, instruments etc.) must become the property of the candidate’s institution for wider use by future scholars.
  • All this material must carry a statement regarding the support received from the Inlaks Research Studentship at the King’s India Institute.
  • The grants must be utilized within nine months of the date of award.
  • The students must produce vouchers/evidence for major expenses like lodging, library fees, buying books, etc.


The candidates will be expected to go through a two-tier selection procedure.

  • First round short-listing on the basis of the written record submitted by the candidate.
  • Second and final round: Personal interview of the short-listed candidates. Interviews may take place face to face (if feasible), or over Skype.

Please note: The candidates short-listed for the interview will be informed by November 2018. The final interviews will be held either November or December 2018.


The successful candidate must make a formal application to the King’s India Institute as a Visiting Research Student through the King’s College London application procedure for the duration of the grant. Details, including entry requirements, are available here: A member of King’s India Institute staff will stand as supervisor for the successful candidate during his/her stay at King’s. The successful candidate should apply for a Short-term Study visa for the period of his/her study at King’s.

Details can be found on the UK government website: