About Scholarships Abroad

Q1.What is the age limit for the scholarship abroad?
Ans. Candidates must be a maximum of 30 years of age in the year of application.

Q 2. Where can one find the application form?
Ans. Application forms can be filled in online on our website. Please read be sure to go through the how to apply page before doing so.

Q3. When are the applications forms available and what is the last date of submission?
Ans. The forms are available from 15th January of every year and the last date of submission is 15th April.

Q4. Which universities/institutions are covered for the Inlaks scholarships?
Ans. All top American, European and UK institutions are covered for the Inlaks scholarships abroad. In addition, the Foundation is open to any kind of special projects outside the traditional university set up.

Q5. Is the scholarship applicable for Undergraduate courses also?
Ans. The applicants should have finished their first degree (B.A., B.Sc. etc) before applying for the scholarships. Most Inlaks awardees take up graduate studies abroad.

Q6. What kind of degrees is the scholarship applicable for?
Ans. The Scholarship is usually applicable for Masters, M.Phil and Doctorate courses. However it must be kept in mind that there is an upper limit to the fund for each candidate.

Q7. How and when are the short-listed candidates for interviews informed and are the rejected candidates are also informed?
Ans. The short-listed candidates are informed about the interviews in the first week of May through e-mails and the candidates who do not receive any communication by 1st of June must assume that their applications have not been successful.

Q8. Can the interviews be held by telephone or through video conference, in case the candidates are not in station?
Ans. Shortlisted candidates are required to attend the personal interviews. There are no provisions for interviews through telephone or video conference. If the short-listed candidate is not able to attend the interview, his/her case may be considered in absentia, in exceptional cases for the preliminary interview stage. All candidates have to be present in person for the final interview.

Q9. Is there an upper limit to the scholarship fund for each candidate?
Ans. Yes, the upper limit for each candidate is US $100,000, which includes tuition and living allowance for the entire duration of the course. Any candidate who requires additional funding must present proof of the ability to provide for this additional funding at the time of interview.

Q10. What are the documents to be brought at the time of interview?
Ans. At the time of interview following documents are required:

1. Photocopy of undergraduate degree and any later degree
2. A copy of admission letter
3. Statement of Fees
4. Any fee concession/waiver of any other source of funding
5. Proof of ability to provide additional funding if applicable

Q11. Are the candidates given travel fare and accommodation for the Scholarship Interviews?
Ans. No. The candidates have to arrange for their travel and accommodation on their own.

Q12. How do candidates share letters of recommendation?
Ans. We prefer that your letter of recommendation be uploaded with your application. However, in the event your referee would like to send in your letter directly to us they can email it to us at applications@inlaksfoundation.org. The subject line must read as follows: Reference Letter | Name of Applicant | Email Address of Applicant. The deadline for reference letters being emailed directly is 20th April. While one recommendation is mandatory, a maximum of three recommendations will be accepted. 
Reference letters must only be sent in after the successful submission of an application. If reference letters are sent in before the successful submission of application, they will be disregarded.

Q13. Why have the scholarships for Management, Engineering, Computer Science and Master in Public Health been discontinued?
Ans. It has been felt that there are now many other funding opportunities available in the above mentioned areas. Besides bank loans on easy terms are easily available. The Foundation has therefore decided to concentrate more on those courses where there is relatively less support available.

Q 14. Are the candidates whose courses have already started before the interviews eligible?
Ans. The Foundation normally does not entertain applicants who have already begun their studies abroad.

Q15. What about those candidates who have not yet got firm letter of admission from Universities they have sought admission to by the deadline of April 15?
Ans. The Foundation needs clear evidence of admission before it can process the application. However, if the final letter of admission takes a bit longer, some definite evidence of acceptance is necessary.

After the Scholarship is Granted

Q1. What does the scholarship cover?
Ans. The scholarship abroad covers full tuition fee, one-way airfare and maintenance allowance.

Q2. Are there any conditions applied for the scholarships?
Ans. No condition is applied for the scholarships.

Other Opportunities Overseas

Q1. What are the other opportunities offered overseas?
Ans. Inlaks Travel and Research Grants, Inlaks Studentships at King’s India Institute, Art Residencies and grants, Take-Off grants and fellowships.

Opportunities for Grants in India

Q1. What are the opportunities offered in India?
Ans. Listed below are the primary opportunities offered by the Foundation in India: Inlaks Fine Arts Award, Inlaks Classical Music Award, Inlaks Take-off Grants, Inlaks Theatre Award, Inlaks Awards at FTII, Grants for Dancers and Choreographers.

Q2. Are loans also available for studies/training in India?
Ans. No. The Foundation does not have any provision for loans.

Q3. Is there any specific format of applications for these opportunities?
Ans. Each section on the website clearly indicates the application process. In the case of Take-Off Grants, there is no specific format of application; you can apply along with your resume and support documents giving details of your intended study/project/proposal.