Q1. Who is eligible to apply for the Inlaks scholarship?
Ans. The scholarship is open to all Indian citizens who have been continuously resident in India for the last six months at the time of making the application. Candidates who have completed their undergraduation from an institute abroad have to be resident in India for a two year period prior to making an application for the scholarship.
For Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Fine Arts, Architecture and related subjects, candidates are expected to have a minimum academic grade of 65% or CGPA 6.8 or GPA 2.6 from a recognized university/institution in India.
For Mathematics, Sciences, Environment and related subjects candidates are expected to have a minimum academic grade of 70% or CGPA 7.2 or GPA 2.8 from a recognized university/institution in India.
Candidates applying for scholarships in art and design (fine/performing arts) will be judged primarily on the basis of their portfolio.

Q2. What is the age criteria to apply for the Inlaks scholarship?
Ans. Candidates must be a maximum of 30 years of age in the year the application is made. Those born on or after 1st January 1993 are eligible to apply for the 2023 scholarships. 

Q3. Where does one apply for the scholarship?
Ans. The application has to be made online and can be accessed the website. Please read through the how to apply page before submitting the application. No physical copies of the application will be accepted.

Q4. When are the applications forms available and what is the last date of submission?
Ans. The online application portal opens in January/February each year and the last date of submission is end March/ early April.

Q5. Which universities/institutions qualify for the Inlaks scholarships?
Ans. Programmes offered by top ranked American, European and UK institutions qualify for funding via the Inlaks scholarships.

Q6. What kind of degrees is the scholarship applicable for?
Ans. The scholarship is available to read for a full-time Masters, M.Phil or a Doctorate programme.

Q7. Is the scholarship available for Undergraduate courses also?
Ans. The Inlaks scholarships are not available for undergraduate programmes abroad. The applicants should have finished their first degree/under graduation from an Institution (B.A., B.Sc. etc) before applying for the scholarships.

Q8. What subjects is the scholarship offered in?
Ans. The scholarship is offered in most subjects.
With the exception of:

  • Business and Finance 
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Fashion Design
  • Film and Film Animation
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Management Studies (inc MBA)
  • Medicine, Dentistry and related therapies
  • Music
  • Public Health

For Imperial College, London, scholarships will be given for Engineering and Natural Sciences.
Indian Studies as a subject is considered, only if it has contemporary relevance.
In the field of Music, only applications for degrees in Western Classical singing will be considered.
For Film Studies, only applications for Documentary Filmmaking will be considered.

Q9. How are the candidates that are shortlisted for the preliminary scholarship interviews informed?
Ans. The successful shortlisted candidates are informed by email about the preliminary scholarship interviews. If you do not receive an email from the Foundation by mid-May, you should assume that your application has not been successful.

Q10. Is there an upper limit to the scholarship fund for each candidate?
Ans. Yes, there is an upper limit for funds for each candidate which is USD 100,000. Any candidate who requires additional funding must attach the proof of these additional finances at the time of making the application.

Q11. What does the scholarship cover?
Ans. The scholarship includes tuition, living allowance, health allowance for the entire duration of the course and one way airfare.

Q12. How do candidates share letters of recommendation?
Ans. Two letters of reference are mandatory, one of those must be from an academic referee. Candidates must input official email addresses for both their referees while filling in the online application form. Personal email addresses especially for the academic referee will not be accepted. The referees must upload their letters of reference in confidence to the Foundation directly. For the online submission of the reference letters, the referee whose name has been indicated on the application form will receive a link to upload the reference which will remain valid for 7 days. Preferably, the reference letters should be on a letterhead. Email references will not be accepted.

Q13. Why have the scholarships for Management, Engineering, Computer Science and Master in Public Health been discontinued?
Ans. There are now many other funding opportunities available in the subject areas mentioned above. Besides bank loans are available as well. The Foundation has therefore decided to focus on those subjects/programmes where there is relatively less support available.

Q 14. Are the candidates whose courses have already begun before the interviews eligible to apply?
Ans. The Foundation does not entertain applicants who have already begun their study abroad or have completed online programmes from foreign universities.

Q15. What about those candidates who have not yet got firm letter of admission from Universities they have sought admission to by the scholarship deadline?
Ans. The Foundation needs clear evidence of admission before it can process the application.

Q16. What are the other opportunities offered overseas?
Ans. Inlaks Research and Travel Grants, Art Residencies and grants, Take-Off grants and fellowships.

Q17. What are the opportunities offered in India?
Ans. The primary opportunities offered by the Foundation in India are: Inlaks Fine Arts Award, Inlaks Take-off Grant, Inlaks Theatre Award, Grants for Dancers and Choreographers.

Q18. Are loans available for studies/training in India or overseas?
Ans. No, the Foundation does not have any provision for loans in India or overseas.

Q19. Is there any specific format of applications for these other opportunities?
Ans. The website clearly indicates the application process along with the important dates for each of these opportunities.