Amshu Chukki is an artist based out of Bengaluru. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda in 2014. He was listed in the ‘Forbes India 30 under 30’ in 2016 and is a recipient of the Inlaks Fine Arts Award in 2014. His debut exhibition, The Tour, was held at Chatterjee & Lal in 2017. He has been part of many prestigious shows and residencies both nationally and internationally.

In Amshu Chukki’s work, experimental video and images become a way of imagining new worlds. His practice is site informed and explores the themes of reality and fiction through multimedia artworks in a manner that contemplates the relationship between the landscape and the body where the act of deciphering the landscape, invokes the site. The landscape in turn becomes the protagonist and narratives unfold onto the site.


“Fragments of scenes deciphering different landscapes contributed by individual artists come together as a screenplay.”