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Name Agastya Bhati
Subject Computational Chemistry
Degree PhD
College University College of London - 2014
Previous Institute Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Current Status
Name Anuj Srivas
Subject Social Sciences of the Internet
Degree MSc
College Oxford University - 2014
Previous Institute Asian College of Journalism
Current Status
Name Chitrarth Lav
Subject Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics
Degree MSc
College Imperial College - 2014
Previous Institute Delhi Technological University
Current Status
Name Gourav Khullar
Subject Astrophysics
Degree Masters
College University of Cambridge - 2014
Previous Institute Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Current Status
Name Hrileena Ghosh
Subject English
Degree PhD
College University of St. Andrews, Scotland - 2012
Previous Institute Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Current Status
Name Ina Goel
Subject Gender Studies
Degree PhD
College University College of London - 2014
Previous Institute School of Social Sciences, JNU
Current Status
Name Maitreyi Gupta
Subject Criminal Law
Degree LLM
College University of Pennsylvania - 2014
Previous Institute National Law School of India University
Current Status
Name Manish Gandhi
Subject Acting Course, Theatre
Degree Diploma
College LAMDA - 2013
Previous Institute FTII, Pune
Current Status
Name Naina Manjrekar
Subject Imperial Naval History
Degree M.Phil / PhD
College SOAS - 2013
Previous Institute Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Current Status
Name Ramneek Singh
Subject Advanced Devising Practice Course Theatre
College LISPA - 2014
Previous Institute International Institute of InformationTechnology (IIT)
Current Status


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